Who are FRESh?

Picture of the map of Shropshire cradled in hands of different coloursFRESh (Fairness, Respect, Equality Shropshire) Ltd. is a Registered  Society – another name for a community co-operative. We were set up in June 2013 to promote equality, diversity and the elimination of unfair treatment and discrimination within and beyond Shropshire. We do this in different ways, including:


  • Networking to encourage discussion and action on equality, diversity and anti-discrimination.
  • Monitoring equality and diversity practice in agencies with a statutory equality duty, and supporting them to meet their equality and diversity policy and service delivery obligations.
  • Challenging oppressive and discriminatory views and behaviour.
  • Campaigning publicly for good equality and diversity practice and improvements in poor equality practice.

Compilation of pictures of people with different traitsWe work to improve the quality and effectiveness of equality and diversity practice by providing training, consultancy and research services. We also support local community equality and anti-discrimination initiatives and events by providing small grants.

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