One of FRESh’s Objects is ‘campaigning publicly for good equality and diversity practice and improvements in poor practice’. We have a duty to take part in public debates, and to use our voice to try to influence decisions which affect our members and our work. Within this framework, we run campaigns on equality, diversity and anti-discrimination issues in order to:

  • Highlight and raise public awareness of topical equality, diversity and anti-discrimination concerns
  • Inform and educate communities and the wider public
  • Provide a forum for informed public discussion
  • Try to influence decisions of public bodies which affect the content and process of our work on equality, diversity and anti-discrimination issues.

Possible examples might include:Picture of a news article with the headline: Same-sex marriage becomes law in England and Wales

  • Raising awareness of the likely impact on equality work in Shropshire of proposals to change anti-discrimination law
  • Supporting local groups to seek changes in proposals from public bodies that would have a negative impact on vulnerable or excluded groups in our communities
  • Working with media organisations to promote positive images of groups which face discrimination in society
  • Supporting national campaigns for equality or against discrimination


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