Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is based on the belief that every culture and race makes a Picture of people with different facial traits holding hands around a map of Shropshire built up out of different coloured jigsaw piecessubstantial contribution to our shared history and to the vibrancy of today’s communities. Our diverse cultural histories and identities should not be discarded or ignored, but should rather be  sustained and valued.

Valuing diversity means recognising individual and group  differences, treating people as individuals, and seeing difference within communities and workforces as both important and positive.

Cultural diversity is an important part of how FRESh sees equality, because  of the importance of people’s different  starting points, experience, hopes and circumstances in shaping their ability to be part of their community and to access jobs, services, support and social networks. It also provides a basis for recognising that people have different valuable contributions they can bring to their communities and to wider society, and that an equalities approach can help this to happen.

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