How we are managed

FRESh is a Community Benefit Society (a community co-operative) with limited liability for its Members’ lawful and responsible actions. FRESh is governed by a set of Rules which have been registered with the Financial Conduct Agency.

FRESh is run by its Members. They elect the Board of Directors, who must be Members or Associated Members of FRESh.  The Board look after the day-to-day business and  prepare key policy decisions about our broad policy direction, constitutional and ethical basis. These are then ratified by the members at general meetings.

FRESh is run as an entirely voluntary organisation, with no paid staff.
The Board of Directors as at September 2014 is:

  • Steve Cunningham
  • Marinke Fontein (Deputy Secretary)
  • Sue Gorbing
  • Andrew Gough
  • Jonathan Hyams (Secretary)
  • Ann Johnson
  • Peter Roscoe (Chair)
  • Geoff Hardy (Vice Chair)

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