Size diversity & size awareness

Understanding size diversity & size awareness, personal responsibility or a diversity issue?

A free two day course designed for Trade Union representatives, branch officers, activists and people who aspire to be!

In the current anti-obesity climate, size discrimination is becoming increasingly significant as a human rights and workplace issue. Fat stigma in (and beyond) the workplace leads to bullying and unfair treatment raising urgent issues for trade unionists working for equality. This workshop explores size as a diversity issue. We will investigate science and stereotype around body weight focusing on how this is relevant to the workplace. Participants will leave with greater understanding of how to promote size equity and address unintended bias. They will be able to discuss size with regards to equality, disability and occupational health and know how develop agreements with employers on size discrimination.

Tutor Lucy Aphramor

Second session: 29th October 2016 9am till 3 30pm.

For details contact Mike Edwards.

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