Networks and partnerships

One of FRESh’s Objects is ‘networking to encourage discussion and action on equality, diversity and anti-discrimination’. For us, networking is sharing information, ideas and services with individuals, groups and organisations who have shared interests with us. It’s about enabling people to use connections to get things done without many resources and often with little power or status.

We also have a strong commitment to working in partnership with other groups and agencies who share our values, aims and work priorities, because our experience has shown that only by working collectively can we really hope to make things happen.

FRESh has been set up as a co-operative. Our membership includes individuals, small community groups, charities, housing associations, businesses and large statutory agencies. Our quarterly open-access Equality Forum meetings always allocate time for networking between members about the issues they choose at the time. They tell us this is among the most valuable parts of our Forum meetings. We also have widespread networks, as individual FRESh members and officers and between FRESh and its partner organisations.

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