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The right way to addressing your needs

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The wrong way to addressing your needs

We see consultancy as an inclusive and participative process, and not as a one-off contract. For us it’s about our clients feeling they have got what they need, and not something that feels as though it’s ‘one size fits all’.

FRESh consultancy services are based on our values and our commitment to improving the quality and effectiveness of equality, diversity and anti-discrimination practice.

We can support clients in improving their equality and diversity practice. Examples include developing equality policy frameworks, reviewing organisational and wage structures, reviewing equality monitoring processes, and ensuring fair and legally compliant recruitment and selection processes for employment, promotion and training. We can also provide advice and support in dealing with particular cases, such as disciplinary proceedings in the event of an employee breaching an equality policy requirement, or an employer or service provider acting in a discriminatory way.

For more information, or to arrange to talk with one of our consultants, contact In the unlikely event we can’t meet your training needs, we usually know someone who can!

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