Small Equality Grants

Our predecessor Shropshire Equalities Forum set up a small grants scheme in 2005, which has proved highly popular and successful. Many local Shropshire events have been started and continued thanks to both start-up and repeat funding from the Scheme.

FRESh is continuing with its own Small Grants Scheme. It’s really simple to apply for a grant, which can be up to £250 per organisation, for one campaign or event in any one year.

We give grants for campaigns or events which:

  • Promote equality, diversity or anti-discrimination and/or
  • Engage local communities in equality, diversity or anti-discrimination issues and/or
  • Provide equality, diversity or anti-discrimination information, training and/or resources for local communities or organisations

And which:

  • Demonstrate commitment to FRESh’s values, and
  • Demonstrate positive equality, diversity or anti-discrimination outcomes, and
  • Demonstrate a contribution towards multi-cultural community cohesion

How to apply

Just complete the short Equality Grants Application Form, using our Equality Grants Guidance and send it with any supporting evidence to

Your application will be considered by a FRESh funding panel, who will assess whether it meets our criteria. They may ask you for clarification or more information. They will then decide whether to award the whole amount, or some of what you’ve asked for, or that your application doesn’t meet our criteria.

You will be told the outcome within two months of sending your application to us.

What we ask of you
If FRESh awards you a grant, we ask you to:

  • Keep us informed about progress on your project – for example a short email a month to update us.
  • Acknowledge FRESh on all your project publicity Let us have a short project report when the project ends – we’ll let you have a Project report form to make things simpler.

Examples of grants we have given out

  • Rainbow Film Festival to obtain a film licence or contribute to the cost of promoting the 2015 LGBT film festival
  • Broseley Youth Partnership to support their 2015 Youth Festival
  • Shrewsbury Interfaith Forum for the 2015 Multi-cultural fun day
  • Shrewsbury LGBT History Festival 2016 towards boards for an exhibition at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

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